English: This is one of a series of studio ima...

English: This is one of a series of studio images that I have taken of the 2008 SEMA Show award-winning (best GM restoration)Original Parts Group 1968 Pontiac GTO. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


i love the automotive industry. i have been in it since i was little to an extent. i have seen good and bad from every company out there. i enjoy helping out others with issues with vehicles and now i have chosen this route to try to do it on a larger scale. start with the vehicle info such as year, make, model and engine size. then give me the situation. we will work through it to the best of my ability to find the root cause of that issue. if you have questions, i will do everything i can to answer.MY RATES WILL BE FARE.

I WAS AN ASE CERTIFIED MASTER TECHNICIAN UNTIL A FEW COMPLICATIONS AROSE. THAT WAS NOT RELATED TO MY THINKING BUT MY MOBILITY DROPPED. i prefer the classic metal. i was in the process of a restoration on a 1968 pontiac GTO  when things went haywire. i do not shy away from a challenge.


English: A 1969 GTO Judge with 100% factory co...

English: A 1969 GTO Judge with 100% factory correct parts. This car is a good example of a GTO, with no alterations from stock. This Carousel Red (orange) 1969 GTO Judge features blacked-out grilles, Hideaway Headlight doors, a tachometer on the hood, a rear spoiler, Rally 2 wheels, Goodyear white lettered tires, and a Ram Air engine with open hood scoops to feed air into the 4-barrel carburetor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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